How far will the band travel?
Distance is no object. We have played at countless venues, large or small across the UK and abroad, and so long as there is enough space and suitable electricity supply there is no problem with travelling.

How much do you charge?
Less than you might think. The exact fee will depend on date/time, how long we play for and whereabouts the event is. Please email us or complete the enquiry form to help us quote you a precise figure. The price quoted will include all travel and expenses, so there won’t be any ‘hidden’ costs.

How much space does the band require?
Where a stage is available the band will normally make use of it, but it is not essential. As a guide, the band needs a space of around 6m wide x 4m deep, although if space is very tight we may be able to squeeze onto slightly smaller. Our sound desk will need to be set up further back in the room and needs a space of 2m x 2m.  If you think space is going to be tight, let us know at the time of booking so we can liaise with the venue and make sure we bring our most compact equipment.

What time will you arrive and how long will it take for the band to set up?
Set up and soundcheck takes around 90 minutes, but we will normally arrive 2-3 hours before our scheduled start time to make sure everything is set up perfectly. If you need us to set up earlier in the day (before guests arrive), please let us know when you enquire.  We will also need around 60 minutes to pack away.

What time will you start playing and how long will you play for?
The time we play is entirely up to you and your schedule for the occasion. Our standard performance consists of 2 x 45 minute sets (about 30 songs in total) with a short break between sets. However, we can be flexible to suit your particular needs, so let us know what you would like when you enquire.

2 x 45 mins
1 x 90 mins
2 x 60 mins
3 x 40 mins

If you want us to play late into the evening, please check the venue’s licence conditions. Also, if your chosen venue has a ‘sound limiter’ fitted please advise us at the time of booking, so we can discuss it with the venue. This is not normally a problem, but a sound limiter may affect the volume at which any music (band or DJ) can be played.

Can you provide a DJ or background music between sets?
Of course. Background music is provided free of charge during our breaks. If you would like us to use one of your own playlists, we will be happy to hook up your iPod (or other music player!) to our system. Alternatively, we can provide a DJ to play the exact style of music you want – before and after our performance – at a small additional charge.

We also work with other event professionals that we are happy to recommend. So if you need a classical guitarist, string quartet, photographer or magician for your event, just let us know or check our links page.

Do you play requests?
We certainly do. Please advise us at the time of booking if you would like us to play your first dance or favourite song. With enough notice, we will always try to accommodate requests.

Can we choose the set list?
You are more than welcome to choose a number of songs from our repertoire that you definitely want us to include or exclude, but otherwise the band will choose the set list best suited to the occasion.

What facilities/hospitality does the band require?
We will ideally need a room to change and store our instrument cases.  With regard to food and drink, it's nice, but not compulsory. However, some (or all) of the band will have travelled some distance to get to your event, so any refreshments are always gratefully received. It needn't be anything fancy – just something to keep our energy levels up.

Can I see the band before booking?
Yes.  Although primarily a function band, we do play regular showcase gigs throughout the year and will be happy to add you to the guest list. See our gig list for details of our forthcoming performances.

Is the band PAT tested with adequate public liability insurance?
Yes. If the venue requires a certificate for either of the above, please let us know.

How do we make a booking?
In the first instance, please drop us an email or fill in enquiry form to check our availability and obtain a quote.